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Get your glory days back

We know that with the right training and nutrition men can loose belly fat, elevate testosterone, improve strength and stamina and get their "swagger" back.

Women can get back to the beach body they had in their 30's.

This has to be a life style change so let's talk life styles. Training 5 days a week for an hour and 15 minutes a day equals 4.5 percent of your week. The intensity affects your results as does consistency but if you are not eating right (the other 95.5 percent of your week), your results will be diminished immensely. That's why personal training sets your whole pattern and maximizes your results. We help with nutrition and make sure the training is customized specifically for where you are ready to begin.

Inside your body, you have many systems that carry in nutrients, that carry out waste and that improve your function and capability. Your conveyor belts are going 24 hours a day. So what happens if you bring in all of your nutrients in one lump sum (eat one meal a day)? The conveyor belts become clogged and the body shoves a large portion into storage (fat). Obviously, this is not the desired result but if we bring in nutrients in the same calorie count in smaller portions every 3 hours, the body can detect regional needs and route nutrients to the areas they belong without generating fat stores. So the right amount of food eaten at the right time allows the body to process nutrients optimally.

The right work causes changes in muscle, bone, connective tissues and capillary density (better blood flow). Getting the body to respond the way you want it to is a function of training it appropriately. Training muscle bellies without threatening joints is the start. Making sure biomechanics (movements and movement form) are on point makes transformation effective and efficient. Improved capillary density is a function of the intensity and duration of exercise. Better blood flow equals faster recovery, better waste removal, better oxygenation of the muscle and improved stamina and strength.

Now, when you were in your 20's and 30's, your body responded very well to anything that you changed or any activity you performed. If you began to run regularly, you got better and running very quickly. If you began lifting weights, you got stronger quickly. If you played a sport, your body adapted and you became very good very quickly. This began to change at about age 35 as a result of a decrease in hormone, metabolism and activity. However, as we age, to make up for these hormone losses and inactivity, we have to improve our nutrition and change our activities to make sure that all of our internal systems are optimized for desired results. This is the primary function of a personal trainer. They should provide nutrition counseling, design a custom program, ensure your personal safety and help you get to where YOU WANT TO BE.

Don't worry! If your goals are unrealistic, we can explain why and suggest an alternative to get you where you can be. Setting realistic goals and mapping out how to get there is a major portion of what we do. Having a roadmap and guide can make all the difference. Your trainer is GPS with a maps program. They are with you every step of the way until you get where you want to be.

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